Solar Water Heating

By now you will certainly have heard of solar energy and solar panels that can be used to take the energy from the sun and change it into usable electricity to power various appliances and other items in our homes. But solar water heating is arguably not yet as well known and it certainly isn't as widespread.

With that said though, it is certainly the case that more and more people are getting curious about this form of heating. Let's find out more about it now.

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What is solar water heating?

Solar heating enables you to generate hot water from solar power. Solar water heating is the process of heating the water you use inside your home by using the heat provided naturally by the sun.

How does it work?

If you were to leave a small bowl of cold water out in the sun for a while, you would notice after a while that the water had warmed up. The basic idea behind solar water heating is exactly the same. It uses this principle in a more effective way to provide hot water whenever you need it.

In order to capture this heat you will have solar panels attached to the roof of your home. This is much the same as generating electricity from the sun by having solar panels installed to convert the light to electricity.

In the case of solar energy to heat your water, it is the heat that is captured by the panels. This heat warms the water and the water is then stored until you need it.

how solar water heating works

Is it expensive to install?

It does cost a few thousand pounds to have such a system installed in your home. The actual price will vary depending on the company you use, but you can expect to pay between £4,000 and £5,000 for a solar water heating system.

Can it provide all the hot water you need throughout the day?

The answer to this question depends on the time of year it is. For example during the summer months when the sun is more likely to be shining all the time, you can get most if not all of your hot water heated in this way. But if the weather is bad and you don't get much heat from the sun, you won't find the system as efficient.

Generally speaking it averages out over the year so you can get around half of all the hot water you need in your home heated by this solar method. This is still good news though because a lot of the energy we use in our homes comes from our need for hot water. When you think of the amount of washing up, showers and baths we have, you can see how this would be the case.


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